Horizontal Viking Pro V Fluid Rower

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The impressive design of the Viking Pro V Fluid Rower would even making the Vikings envious. Build for performance and designed for style, the Viking Pro V is setting the new standard in form and function. Perfect for gyms, commercial health clubs and any intensive use. The Viking Pro V Fluid Rower is a must have that will satisfy users and increase partipation in using a rowing machine.Having a “real on water stroke” the Viking Pro V Fluid Rower is making a good impression . Patented Twin Tank Fluid Technology is standard on our indoor rowing machines which involves the user to enjoy a tailored made stroke with instant catch and consistent adjustable resistance. The sound and and sight of the water going trough in the tank is hypnotizing, especially if you’re connected to on-water rowing.

With four levels of resistance, the Viking Pro V Fluid Rower rowing machine will challenge even the fittest user. The Viking Pro V is easy to store and this Indoor Rower can be rolled into position and stored on its end with a small footprint.

Compare the quality of the finish, integrity of construction and attention to detail, and last but not least the rowing action and feeling, making the choice for a Viking Pro V Indoor Rower easy.

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